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Top 5 Fashion Mistakes Made by Men

Posted by on Oct 7, 2016

Top 5 Fashion Mistakes Made by Men

Men’s fashions have always surrounded sleek and swish suits and tidy but casual jeans and shirts combos. If you’ve noticed over the last couple of years that the number of style-conscious men has risen you would be correct. Maybe now is your time to get involved and start sloughing off the socks and sandals look and go for the more tailored and slim-line look instead. Either way, choosing to improve the way you dress is a good start and something you should do for yourself. There is a dramatic increase in fashion magazines aimed at men and the term ‘metrosexual’ is thrown around for any man who knows how and when to moisturise.

The trouble is, it can look like a minefield when it comes to getting started with your new look and the last thing you want is to be too overwhelmed by brand names of clothes out there and when you are looking for a decent Olymp shirt for sale and Wrangler Texas pair of jeans for sale you can be assured that you get the right look for you. We’ve compiled a list of the big five mistakes men make when shopping for themselves so take a look, go against the grain and shine!


  • Baggy Trousers. Trousers you buy should never pool round the ankles as if you’re trying to mimic Coolio in the music video for Gangsters Paradise. Get yourself to a tailor, or even your gran if she’s good with a needle and deft with hemming, and get those trousers broken properly. They should sit halfway down the back of the shoe heel and no lower.
  • Too big! Suits, trousers, jeans and tops; if it’s too big, send it to charity shops. Clothes that are a size or two too big for you should not have a place in your wardrobe. When you buy from brands and want to purchase a brook taverner suit for sale, you want it to fit you and fit you well. Larger clothing doesn’t actually make you look bigger and better. Ill-fitting tops that hang off the shoulder showing the seams halfway down the upper arms actually make you look small and sloppy.
  • No to square toes. Round toes are your friend! You were not born with boxy feet and square toes so the rounded shoes are your way to go.
  • Tuck in! The absolute definition of a ‘lad’ look is to go out in smart jeans and an untucked shirt and sometimes this bleeds into the office look. Untucked office shirts are not smart nor are they nice to look at. It shows as if you don’t know how to dress yourself and let’s face it, you DO. Show off and tuck that shirt in!
  • Money money! Now you’ve sorted out your wardrobe where are you going to keep all your cards and cash? Hopefully not the same battered non-leather wallet you’ve used all this time? An awful wallet can kill your outfit so get yourself a new slimline card holder for those notes, cards and ID.