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Suited and Booted: A Guide for the Perfect Suit

Posted by on Oct 6, 2016

Suited and Booted: A Guide for the Perfect Suit

As traditions go, a suit is the perfect outfit for a man to wear as a guest to a wedding. It’s just a given. Suits ooze confidence, charm and a certain quiet allure. A suit is obviously a two – sometimes three – piece outfit that is made up of shirt and trousers and worn in the main, by gentlemen. Evidently, ladies are allowed to wear suits but if we are going to discuss what is gender appropriate for a wedding I am going to be needing a much bigger document.

Men’s business suits are universally worn for work, formal occasions and even in some sixth form colleges the suit is a part of the school uniform. It’s actually quite unfair that suits are so widely accepted as workwear when for women we need more style! However, suits scream poise, control and 5915912323_c6839d3fb1_zpower and there are very few events where a man won’t be appropriate or look really good, in a suit. If you’ve a firm grasp of fashion and understand exactly what suits you then you will be making the suit work for you rather than the other way around and that right there is the key when it comes to buying a suit. Knowing what works for you.

On the right occasion, a suit has a waistcoat involved but generally a two piece blazer and trousers are the most common. There are three types of suits, English style, Italian or continental style and then there’s the American sack suit.

  • English Suit: Soft and unpadded shoulders, a long hourglass body on the jacket with a high waist. Can be either double or single breasted and usually with two or three buttons. You’ll find that many menswear websites offer Seidensticker shirts for sale but these are not the type to be worn with a suit although are great for other formal occasions.
  • Italian/Continental Suit: very lightweight, strong square shoulders, close fitting and single breasted.
  • American sack suit: natural on the shoulders and a much roomier suit

Tailored suits are the best option as a poorly fitting suit does not look right on the wearer no matter how good the quality is. Trousers should never be the focus point of a suit, as their job is to draw the eye to the jacket and not down to the legs. The fit and design of trousers is very important though as trousers that are too tight in the front or too loose at the back can look uncomfortable and too baggy so not formal enough. A Bruhl trouser for sale also isn’t appropriate to the suit as they are casual wear trousers and not formal.

Choosing a suit doesn’t have to be a painful, drawn out affair for a gentleman. If you know the style you’re looking for and you are going for confidence and comfort then you know exactly what to find and in which shop. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t visit a proper tailor to know your exact measurements. Debenhams and Marks and Spencer offer a tailoring service along with shops such as Moss Bros. These services should be utilised at least once in life as having correct tailoring can help you to understand the style and colouring that suits your skin tone. Feeling confident every day you wear a suit can happen if you make it!