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Reasons to Go for Semi Permanent Make-up

Posted by on May 27, 2016

Reasons to Go for Semi Permanent Make-up

Semi-permanent tattoos are slowly becoming a trend. More and more modern working women are getting semi-permanent cosmetic makeup done on their eyebrows, eyelids, lips and beauty marks. Here are the reasons why more women are attracted to this idea.


 Less Hassle in Preparing

Have you had one of those times when you were desperately trying to get to work on time and you did but you forgot to dress one of your brows? Morning preparations can take a lot of time especially for a woman of class and style. A huge bulk of this time is spent fixing your hair, putting on your makeup and trying to get the perfect brow or the perfect full lips. This can take a lot of time and would require you to debit a few hours of your sleeping time so you can wake up early and have the time for all of the pre-work activities. Wouldn’t it be better for you to wake up, wash your face, put a little powder on and your all set? That’s what a semi-permanent make-up does. It gives you the look of readiness 24 by so you are always ready to go.

fantasy-1323611Save on Buying Expensive Makeup

If you want to look classy and stylish wearing make-up without having the need to re-do it every once in a while, then you need to spend on the expensive brands. With a semi-permanent makeup you get the same results minus the expensive purchasing price you need to shell out every month.

Painless Procedure

Most people dismiss the idea of cosmetic tattoos or even tattoos themselves because of the fear of pain. Semi permanent makeup by Jacqui Lloyd promises a new technology of achieving the perfect look that you want without the much feared sensation of pain. In contrast to what most people believe, semi-permanent cosmetic tattoos actually do need to be painful on application. A new technology that uses fine vibration saves you from the anticipated discomfort and pain.

The final product of a professional cosmetic tattooist gives a natural beautiful look. It does not make the accentuated parts look unreal or unnatural with visible lines. Eyebrow tattooing services nowadays use a new technique where the use of fine brushes and vibration is matched with the natural direction of hair growth to achieve a subtle natural look.

model-890887Fast and Easy to Get

Unlike traditional tattoos that you get in your chest, or arms, cosmetic tattoos are fast and easy to complete. Professional cosmetic tattoo artists typically get the job done in less than an hour. If you are in a hurry to get the perfect look, the healing time makes cosmetic surgery a bad option. With a cosmetic tattoo you can give yourself a new look for less.


There are many advantages of getting a semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo. Aside from the convenience of not having to do it daily, you also get a natural look, for less and without the pain and hassle of cosmetic surgery.

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